Beginning of 2018 VILA launched a Pan-European search to find extraordinary fashion talents. VILA TALENT AWARDS was about finding new talent with fresh ideas within design and fashion photography.

Talent was found, a collection designed by one up and coming designer, and consumers were involved all the way.



One extraordinarily talented designer

The designer was asked to create the perfect 5-piece capsule collection for VILA to complete the party season 2018. We were looking for someone who understood both the artistic and the commercial side of fashion. 


One extraordinarily talented photographer 

A person, who would dazzle us with her or his unique take on street style photography. We were looking for someone who loves the impulsive, caught-in-the-moment snapshot of a fashionable woman on the street.



The designer >

The photographer >



Please notice, the deadline has expired. 

Thanks a lot to all photographers and designers who have participated in VILA TALENT AWARDS 2018!


If you have any questions please contact

See the winning collection from last year >