- 2020 -

An all-time colour classic is set to become a huge colour trend this summer: Blue. Similar to a clear blue day, blue has a soft and gentle energy. Used alone it can appear breezy like a breath of fresh air.



Blue is one of the most universally favoured colours. It is nature’s colour for the elements; water and sky - and it has always been associated with peace, calm and comfort; things we seem to find lacking these days.

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Fashion is often an indicator of what is happening in the world around us - and for summer 2020 it’s all about balancing things out with calming blue.

Luckily, you can easily incorporate this trending hue into your wardrobe.





Perhaps you already have a pair of blue jeans in your closet - everyone’s must-have and go-to piece for both casual and dressy attire? Or you can make a statement by choosing a head to toe outfit all in blue.

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You can always mix it up by pairing this colour tone with other colours. Whether it’s dark or bright; you can add other shades of blue, like powder blue or icy blue as well as white, black, beige and other pastel colours.



You can also rock blue in a subtler way, whether it’s with an accessory or an outfit detail.

It’s time for some blue peace of mind.