- SUMMER 2020 -

Wondering what to wear for summer? New sunshiny dresses have arrived in our summer shop and Spanish influencer Cris Mata has chosen her personal favourites. See below and get inspired.

2020 has been a roller-coaster ride. Despite not knowing if beaches and parks will reopen for the season, we can luckily rely on warm weather and refreshing summer outfits to boost our moods.

More than ever I feel the need for easy, stylish, single item outfits are essential. Fortunately, summer dresses are without a doubt the easiest way to perfect your seasonal style: You don’t need to worry about coordinating different styles, just throw it on, add footwear and you’re done.

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From baby doll to sugary colour combos, lush brocade and sheer overlays, these are my personal favourites.


Proving once and for all that the minimal trend is over, this summer I believe we must embrace being a little bit over the top. A desire for richer, more lush fabrics and big sleeves make a powerful and fashionable daytime style. Plus, they add a fun ‘80s twist to modern outfits. Try the look yourself.

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For summer, mini dresses in the form of baby doll styles will rule the streets. In case you didn't realize you needed a one, this should help you come to that epiphany. This playful minidress will keep your look light and breezy. You can even go for one in a sheer fabric covered in tiny embroidered dots. To make this dress look less sweet, toughen it up with combat boots or sneakers.

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Did lace ever really go out of style for the summer? Certainly not. So keep wearing 'em. Not only are they fitting for about every summer occasion, they also allow for endless accessorizing options: Just swap your footwear or jewellery, and your white lace dress will feel like new every time. If you can find a lace dress that’s transparent or has peekaboo going on you’re right on trend. A simple white lace dress might not seem like much, but the perfect one can be a cure-all for summer style problems.

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So, let's distract ourselves with some pretty fashion trends, and get back into some fun, summer fashion once again.