Trendy home style

Keeping fashionable in these troublesome virus days can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We asked the most stylish influencer Cris Mata what her secrets are for unlocking the next level of trendy home style. Keep reading for her 5 comfy style tips.

What do you currently wear staying in-doors and being isolated?

I wear comfy yet stylish clothes in neutral colours. Looking sharp but still feeling breezy and comfortable is my current style motto. I spend my time working and creating, staying indoors with family and doing yoga.


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To avoid stress-free mornings and outfit-regret-free days how do you plan your outfits?

You can’t plan for everything these days, but don’t let your mornings catch you off-guard. If you’re trying to save time, give outfit planning a shot. Personally, I plan my outfits in the morning and on a day-to-day basis.

 For style inspiration do you recommend following other stylish women?

Yes of course, there are so many inspiring women out there. I especially love Scandinavian style and Matilda Djerf is one of my favourite Swedish influencers.

Getting dressed do you consider your destination and who you’ll see?

Yes, I always think about that. Often, I end up picking casual chic styles and mixing them up with nice accessories. The current weather change combined with the semi-public outside space calls for something slightly elevated but cosy. I recommend you wear flowy dresses, easy tops, and loose-fitting pants or cute shorts. Wearing such styles will makes us feel like queens of the realm instead of prisoners.


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It never hurts to try something new – do you agree?

I think fashion is great fun. Whether that includes a bright new hue that stands out from your usual palette, or shifting from skinny jeans to an oversized silhouette, great style is built from trying new things. Who knows what trends you might discover you’ll love? I love trying new things. At the same time, I find it important not to get lost: Having your own sense of style is important.