Q&A with model Rozanne Verduin

Jubii, it’s time for spring. And what better way to start the new season than with personal spring tips from the internationally renowned Dutch-model Rozanne Verduin?

Rozanne’s ready to liven up your look with transitional styles while also talking about modelling, fashion must-haves and the most ethical thing one can do this spring. Let’s go!

So, what is modelling really like?
The amazing part about my job is that I get to travel a lot to the most beautiful places and to meet a lot of interesting people. Sometimes it’s tough with jetlag’s and being away from my family and friends. But overall, I really love my job!

How would you describe your fashion choices?
Comfortably chic. I love wearing a nice dress or a beautiful jacket styled in a comfortable way.

Any personal style icons?
Na, not really. I do my own thing.

What do you love the most about spring?
Longer and sunnier days, blossoming trees and taking my motorcycle out for a ride.

What's the biggest must-have for spring?
A jacket. It’s trans seasonal and can be layered with a sweater on colder days and worn with a t-shirt or dress on warmer days.

What’s on your spring playlist?
Anything from the ’70’s or ’80’s!

What's the most ethical thing one can do this spring?
Before you buy something new, ask yourself if you really need it? Only buy items that you really need or buy vintage. I also recommend that you invest in a nice travel coffee mug that you can reuse and carry on the train, put in a cup holder, and throw in your bag.