One of the biggest colour trends this year is pale pink. I admit, it’s kind of sweet-looking and ladylike, but over recent years, I believe it has managed to shake off its Barbie connotations to become a seasonal it-colour. Since we’re still early into 2020, I advise you to plan your summer wardrobe around it.

Personally, I love pink in all its forms. In subtle hints, or all over in fluorescent, powdery or deep dusky rose shades. To me, pink feels like a mood-lifting gust of fresh air - and fashion should always be about expressing your personality and mood through the clothing and accessories you wear.

This year, I’m very much in to head to toe pink looks. I like to mix layers and shades of pink to discover what this colour truly has to offer.


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Pale pink can be mixed and matched with other pastels, as well as neutral hues. Especially beige and coffee shades will help you balance the girly nature of pink.


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For contrast, try to calm things down by accessorizing with pieces in black, white or neutrals. Generally, when choosing pastel clothing pieces, you can be guided by minimalism: go for styles with clean and sharp lines. This puts emphasis on the design rather than the shades.

I also suggest you wear accessories in tones that will stand out against pale pink’s more soft self. Try a black folded bag paired with a casual pink dress for a carefree stroll around the city or wrap a grey oversized scarf around a blush pink coat.

Pale pink is chic to wear both day and night - and it’s just perfect for evening affairs, especially when it comes in textured fabrics such as silk, chiffon, sequins and tulle.


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No matter if you are an edgy gal or classy girl, there are easy ways to make this light hue work for you too. Believe me, pink is a perfect choice for creating a lovely OOTD. Go try for yourself.