Occasion wear by Cris Mata

To put an end to the what-do-I-wear dilemma once and for all, Spanish Cris Mata breaks down what to wear to (pretty much) every occasion.

Finally, your go-to guide for how to dress at different events, from weddings to holiday parties and everything in between, is right here.

What’s occasion wear to you?
It's wearing something special that makes you look (even more) flawless. Rely on a pretty dress, maybe in petal or floral, or go for a suit paired with feminine underpinnings and accents.

Avoid anything low cut, short or clingy, and bring a sweater or blazer to cover up sleeveless styles. And do remember that most dress code “rules” are more like guidelines.

What’s your best styling tips for occasion wear?
I think the most important thing is to find an outfit that suits your style. Be loyal to who you are and have fun! That way you don’t end up wearing a costume or something that’s not you.

Your thoughts on your outfits?
These days, occasion wear can be anything, so I suggest you mix it up with dressy separates that are stylish and comfortable. E.g. a matching top and pants in an eye-catching flower print. Or go ladylike with a shirt bow top and a flirty plissé skirt.

Have fun with colourful items and statement jewelry or hats that wow. Plus, avoid fabrics that are too casual, like chino, jersey and denim.

Going to any special occasions this spring?
Yes indeed. I’m attending 3 weddings, so it’s going to quite busy. I guess I’ll be wearing a flattering, feminine dress or a fun pair of pants and a flowy top matched with heels. Tip: remember that weddings follow similar rules to bridal showers: Wearing white should be reserved for the bride.

Any other special spring plans?
Maybe I’ll be going to La Feria de Sevilla. It’s a week-long celebration in Seville that draws over 1 million people. At this event I’ll be dancing the flamenco and pushing the limits on glitz and colour. Lastly, I’ll be waiting for my favourite season to come: Summer - I miss you!