Making new fashion choices

German influencer Jacky Zelwis has carefully curated outfit combos and indoor-wear as an output for her creativity. Tag along as she tells her experience of the lockdown and how it responses to making new fashion choices.

My experience with the corona crisis is

- a work in progress. At first, I didn’t really think about it. But as it became more prominent in the news here in Germany, I switched to feeling bewildered and afraid. Especially when the first restrictions and my travel plans got cancelled, I realized how serious it is.

The loss of control made me feel helpless. I started to read a lot about the virus and talked to my friends which calmed me down. I try to stay positive and make the most out of the situation.

The impact of the outbreak has forced me to

- learn new things. First of all, my everyday life has changed a lot. Work-wise, I had to switch to working from home. I had to reorganize, find new routines and new ways to motivate myself. In the beginning, I was super motivated and wanted to tick off all the things on my to-do list. But as time went by, the pressure got to me. I decided to slow things down and began doing yoga almost every day and reading books.


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Positive stuff I’ve realized

Before the corona crisis, I felt that many people were too focused on themselves. These days people are taking care of each other, giving a helping hand and providing support wherever they can. It’s amazing to see how well people work together when things get tough. I believe that everything happens for a reason and if we just look closely, we’ll learn to see it.

What I’ve been wearing lately

- is all kinds of comfortable clothes. Mainly, I wear sweatpants, leggings, comfortable jeans or trousers. For a less casual look, I add blazers or button-down shirts. I miss getting dressed up and putting outfits together for the office or party with my friends, so I try to mix it up a little.

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 My new fashion choices

- corresponds to working, socialising and exercising at home, so my demand for loungewear is increasing. I like practicality, versatility and simple, classic styles. Only when going outside, I wear outfits that look slightly chicer. I’ve always loved wearing casual chic outfits and I still do.

Trends I think might come out of this

I think we’ll see more focus on athleisure and loungewear even as office wear. On the other hand, I also think some people will be likely to dress up e.g. in pretty dresses, chic head-to-toe outfits and - all the clothes they couldn’t wear during the quarantine. Either way, a renaissance in personal style will occur more strongly than ever.


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