And by that I mean: the return from your childhood! Slip dresses remind me of those carefree days during which playing with dolls, building camps in the woods and playing dress up with your siblings was priority. And who would have thought that you could ever wear those girly swing dresses again when growing older?

You can! This 'Vithes dress' is the perfect example of that. The colours are fresh, the shape is feminine and it makes me happy just by looking at it. So why not go ahead and sport it? There’s just one condition: add enough extra elements and accessories to create a sophisticated look. Most importantly it’s a good idea to wear something underneath, whether it be a simple t-shirt, a dressed up shirt or a long-sleeve knit. Covering up some skin immediately matures any look. Regarding shoes, you can choose between different options: think slippers, short ankle boots or even fun sneakers to make the outfit more casual. Finally, adding statement jewelry gives your slip dress a grown up and elegant touch.

Since I wore my beauty on a warm Summer day, I combined it in a very holiday-ish look with slippers, a straw bag and just a tiny amount of jewelry. The perfect look to go out and have some fun, just like in the old days!

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