Gingham: how to not look like a 50s pin-up girl

My favourite print of the season (or let’s just say of the entire year) must be gingham. These tiny checks have made a return from the 50s and are here to stay! Yep, picnic blankets have never been so cool. The fun thing about gingham is that you can interpret this print in so many different ways — it doesn’t HAVE to be girly! I’ve created two looks to show you how to rock your checks.

Firstly I took this 'Vibolina' tee with attached gingham bandeau for a strong, London-inspired look. Teamed up with a PU skirt and boots, I finished this edgy outfit with a bright red accent. No need to look like a 50s pin-up girl when wearing checks, you see!

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On a softer note, I wore this 'Vibayla top' with long ruffled sleeves that simply spices up every outfit. I opted for a more romantic setting with light denim, big golden earrings and leopard printed ballerinas. All this look still needed was my pretty bike and some flowers in the background!

Now it’s up to you! How would you style your gingham piece?

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