Christmas with Kae Sutherland

To get your Holidays off to a great start, read on as Kae Sutherland shares her favourite Christmas traditions, perfect outfits and personal gift guide. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Amsterdam with Kae.

How do you celebrate Christmas and how?
I love spending time with my family during Christmas. I think it’s so cosy to be together with the whole family and really spend an enjoyable time with each other. That's the main reason I really LOVE Christmas. And of course, eating a lot of great food.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?
I have to say the holidays have gotten more special to me after having my baby girl Loua. Enjoying a big family dinner and playing a lot of board games is the best gift I could wish for.

 What’s your go-to Christmas look?
I always go for a chic dress. Especially, one with a little sparkle, flare or embellishment. But to be honest, being restricted in an outfit you literally cannot breathe in post-Christmas-dinner is a no go. So, I often end up wearing some comfy and couch friendly. That's really my thing. I really love to dress up, but also value comfort and practicality.

What do you wish for - besides VILA styles?
It may sound a little cliché, but Christmas is the best time to share and spread joy. It becomes even warmer when your dearest surround you. I really love my family and friends and my wish for them is to live a happy and healthy life.


Be sure to follow along as VILA influencers will be rounding up their favourite Christmas traditions, perfect outfits and personal gift guides during the next few weeks.

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