Christmas with Julie von Lyck

Get ready to celebrate Christmas with Julie von Lyck. Spoiler alert: She’s a goofy food- and family-obsessed Danish influencer who loves wearing sparkly things and red. Read on to tell whether she’s being naughty and nice this Christmas?

How do you celebrate Christmas?
I've always celebrated Christmas with my family in my childhood home in Aarhus DK. On the evening of December 24th, we eat dock and pork roasts, plus the Danish rice dessert ris a la mande. We also sing carols, dance about the Christmas tree, watch Christmas movies and go to church.

To me, my grandmother was the epitome of Christmas. Unfortunately, she passed away 4 years ago which left a void. Luckily, my fiancé has been there for me which helps ease the loss.

Which Christmas tradition is your favourite?
We start the celebrations at 1 PM with Christmas lunch, which makes the day longer and more exciting. I've heard from my boyfriend that some families only celebrate Christmas in the evening, which sounds a bit short while to me.

What is your go-to Christmas look?
I LOVE wearing red or reddish colours aka the colour of Christmas. For going out I also enjoy wearing grey, silver, gold and black outfits or anything that sparkles. I also love traditional Christmas sweaters. They are both charming and a bit goofy.

Did you ever get a present that you didn’t want?
When I was younger, I got a mobile phone from my parents. Compared to the ones my classmates had at the time it was old-school and dated, so I didn’t want it. Today I’m a little ashamed that I thought so.

What would you like for Christmas?
My boyfriend and I have bought a new and bigger apartment together, plus we‘re getting married next year. So, my wish list includes interior stuff and wedding gear. Fingers crossed that Santa knows, I've been nice :-)

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