Christmas with Cris Mata

Greetings from sunny Tenerife and Málaga! Read on as Cris Mata shares her favourite Christmas traditions, perfect outfits and a personal gift guide while excitedly awaiting a special present… that says woof!

How do you celebrate Christmas?
I love Christmas-time because it’s a great excuse to be with my family. I have family in both Tenerife and Málaga where I live, so we spend half of the time in each place. We cook, dine, watch old family photos, dance and sing together. We celebrate Santa’s Day on December 25th (the day Jesus was born), New Year’s Eve and Three Kings' Day on January 6th.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?
Spending time with my family. Sitting around the table eating good food, making jokes and laughing.

What’s your favourite Christmas look?
I always wear the same kind of look: A mini dress with long socks, high heels or boots and some sparkling jewellery.

Which gift did you want but never got?
Ever since I was a little girl, I always asked for a dog. I don’t know why Santa, nor The Three Wise Kings, never left a puppy under my tree? I guess, I’m still waiting and must settle with the one my parents got.

What do you wish for Christmas?
I wish for happiness, love, health and peace. I’m know a lucky girl and honestly all I want for Christmas is another good year where I keep on living and enjoying life like I do now. 

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