In the photography category, Dutch photographer Elisabeth van Aalderen won the VILA TALENT AWARDS 2018 and hence the task of shooting the campaign.

The shoot took place on a hot summer’s day in Copenhagen, where Elisabeth, 31 and newly married, took a break to introduce herself, her work and her experience of the VILA TALENT AWARDS 2018.

I began working as a photographer two years ago. I’ve always known I needed to do creative work and I had built myself a career as a stylist and a merchandiser.

Everything was going very well, and I was very good at it. At some point my husband, who is a musician, and I started considering if we had other dreams we needed to explore, and I asked myself: Why am I not following my dream of photography?

We decided that now was the time, so we sold everything, our house, and all that bound us, and travelled around the world for one year. We had this ‘it’s now or never’-feeling and we acted on it. 

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How did it feel to actually win the award?
I did NOT believe it at first! I couldn’t take it in! And now that we are in the middle of the shoot, it feels absolutely wonderful! I love working with the team, the VILA crew and the model.

Collaborating with VILA has been a joy, and when I see the images now, I’m really happy. I am a perfectionist, and I really want to make sure the collection stands out.

What do you hope will happen after the images and the collection are out in the world?
First, I hope to get this fun, party mood across to everyone who sees the images. The VILA girl is outgoing, fun, feminine but also confident. These are important traits which I am working on with the model to bring out in the images.

I can’t wait to see the images in real life, and I really hope that my work here with VILA will push me forward and make what I do and how I do it visible to others. And then, hopefully, I will get to work with the talented people at VILA again; this entire process has been so rewarding and so much fun.”

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