Designing a capsule collection for VILA and making it the winning entry in the 2018 VILA TALENT AWARDS has been a rollercoaster experience for Pia, 28 and from Germany.

Here she introduces herself, her work, the collection as well as her hopes for what winning the first-ever VILA TALENT AWARDS will lead to.

“When I was 15 I took sewing lessons with a tailor who was a friend of my mother’s. And that kind of sealed the deal for me. After that, I always knew it was about fashion for me.

As a fashion-loving designer, how does VILA appeal to you?
“In my home town there used to be a VILA shop, and I always loved it for its femininity. Also, as a designer, I can really relate to the difficulties of designing for a commercial brand and a wide audience. It is tricky to stay true to a brand and be loyal to your customers, and still be as feminine and appealing as VILA.

To me, it’s a go-to brand for cute, feminine dresses, and I was really happy to revisit it when doing research for the collection that I entered for the VILA TALENT AWARDS.”

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How has the process been for you?
“I only discovered the competition four days before the deadline, so I cleared my schedule and designed the collection in those four days. I entered on the final day, and just crossed my fingers from then on!

When I was told I had won, I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was a joke, and when it sank in I was just over the moon. And I’ve learned so much.

What is your inspiration behind the collection?
“When I heard about the competition, I had just seen the movie Scarface with my boyfriend. Here, Michelle Pfeiffer looks amazing, and is both sexy and ladylike.

She is seen dancing in a club, in these beautiful dresses, and even wears a very sexy suit jacket with a skirt. I wanted to merge this with a bit of a Studio 54 feel, and make it wearable for a woman today.

Also, it needed to be comfortable, so you’d feel free to dance all night! For the embellishments I used the VILA TALENT AWARDS logo, which is so feminine and beautiful – like a shell, or an art deco motif.”

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What do you hope to gain from winning the VILA TALENT AWARDS?
“I’ve already gained a lot. A lot of experiences, and an insight into the commercial side of the fashion industry. New friends, and a lot to be proud of.

I hope the win will open some doors for me, and I would love to work with VILA again.

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