Summer has finally begun, and with a new season comes a change in wardrobe and style too! While I prefer cool tomboy pieces in Winter, those warmer, longer Summer days inevitably bring me in the mood for loose, feminine items.

Coincidentally, I JUST returned from Ibiza, which is basically the Mediterranean synonym for relaxed, feminine and boho. Let me show you a peek into my holiday suitcase for this short but sweet getaway! 

In Ibiza, beach and city looks aren’t very different, which is very convenient if you’re a lazy holiday dresser like me! 

For one of my beach afternoons I quickly threw on this beautiful 'Vieleonore' maxi skirt on top of my bikini for a drink at the nearest beach bar. I prefer wearing ankle-length pieces during the hottest parts of the day, as a covered look protects your skin from the sun and will keep you a lot cooler as well!

To actually head out to the city, I added the 'Vibarbra' shirt that gives me so many 90's feels! Hair up, flip flops, straw bag and done.

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Now, evening outfits in Ibiza are equally relaxed — if you’re staying away from the big party areas, that is :-)

In the end, island life is all about feeling comfortable, so I wore this super soft beige 'Vielna' tunic that almost feels like a pyjama. And who doesn’t love spending time in their pyjama? Right!

The dress can be worn for so many different occasions, so to make it slightly more dinner-proof I added some extra feminine accessories. 

I’d jump on a plane to Ibiza right now, just to wear these looks again! (and maybe have a cocktail or two while I’m at it)

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