VILA Crew - meet Olivia

A strong signature mix of high trend staples and quirky styles, a head filled with creative ideas and a lot of SoMe – say hi to Olivia Vestergaard.

As Social Media and Marketing Coordinator at VILA, Olivia helps to create content and interactive media experiences through VILA’s SoMe. Get to know our SoMe wizard and all her best features ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The first thing we should know about you?
I can roll with my stomach and make the "worm" dance-wise. Another characteristic feature is that I'm only 158 cm tall.

Work-wise you do?
As VILA’s Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, I create content and photos for our SoMe channels. I love to work and juggle 150 tasks at once. I especially love to work with the ever-changing marketing scene. One day you think you get the algorithm and then the next day it’s completely different.

What did you want to be growing up?
As a child, I never really knew what I wanted to be. My parents made jokes about me having my own real estate agency like them. My parents call me Ollemolle, hence my imaginary company was entitled: Ollemolle Real Estate.

What’s your signature style?
I love when fashion tells a story of who you are, so I always try to style my clothes in a personal and unique way - and to stand out wearing lots of colours and prints. But I must admit: wearing black and white never hurt anybody :-)

What’s your biggest screw up style wise?
When I didn’t have a style! My mom dressed me until I was 14 or so. Back then, I didn’t really care about fashion. You know the Facebook memes that pop up from time to time: Today’s hot looking 14teen year old girls compared to me at 14teen looking pretty boring and norm-core.

What always sounds like a good idea?
Trying new stuff. There are many benefits to doing new things – don’t cheat yourself out of them.

On my playlist or last song, you’ve listened to?
Clara. She is a new Danish artist. I love to listen to her songs and to follow her on Instagram as well. She makes a lot of fun of herself and I think self-irony and humour is extremely important for your everyday happiness.

Right now, what are you excited about?
I just bought an old dirty apartment, so I have to renovate everything in it. I really look forward to getting my own place where everything is handpicked by me and it is exactly how I want it to be!