Summer in Denmark has always been portrayed as something special around the world. The ocean, the air, the fields, the green grass and the mighty forests are incomparable to any other place on this planet.

It has it’s own very special vibe. I love my country, but I must admit I love it the most when the sun is shining, so lucky for me – it’s finally summer time in Denmark.

I live in central Copenhagen, so central actually I can almost wave to the queen. But I am not actually from Copenhagen, actually I am not even a city girl. I come from the central part of Jutland where I grew up riding horses and taking the bus to school so for me summer in Copenhagen is still something very new and exciting.

All the cafés set up chairs outside and people drink rosé in the sun. Nyhavn is stuffed with tourists and the ice cream places have lines as long as the airport security in LAX. People bike everywhere with strawberries and beer in their baskets. Dronning Louises bro is almost like it’s own music festival and the swans nap in the sun by the lakes.   

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With this outfit I wanted to celebrate the red and the white just like our Danish flag. Imagining how it wavers in the sunny sky and fresh air. Doesn’t matter where in the world I am, the Danish flag always make me feel like home.

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