One of the most popular holiday destinations of the moment — according to my Instagram feed — is Marrakech! Since I was invited by friends to visit their family’s riad, I coincidentally hopped on the Marrakech train too this Summer. And boy, what an experience it was!

Morocco has so many great facets to discover: the delicious food, the friendly people, the unusual architecture, the rich history, the handmade crafts, the impressive landscapes, and so on. Both the cities and the country side have an intriguing busy but at the same time laid back vibe.

Here are 3 things I’d recommend you’d do when visiting Marrakech (see below)...

- Get lost in the souks: known as being a crammed labyrinth, that won’t be difficult. But do enjoy it! Discover adorable shops with straw bags, drink fresh mint tea in tiny local teahouses and get yourself that handmade tajine to try those dishes at home. The souks aren’t THAT big, so eventually you’ll get your way out ;-)

- Find yourself a rooftop to enjoy: Marrakech is famous for having a second world on top of the tiny houses, being an all rooftop city! Every house, cafe or restaurant has an impressive rooftop terrace with unreal views over the skyline. Try and catch at least one sunset while you’re there!

- Hide away outside the city: Marrakech can be quite overwhelming at times, especially after wandering around for a few hours. Book yourself a little retreat outside the city centre or even on the country side to really unwind and discover a whole different side of the country.

And what to wear? All of your long, flowy dresses of course! The 'Vialondra maxi dress' was my favourite to wear for rooftop drinks after a long day of shopping in the souks or hanging by the pool. The dress feels romantic, sophisticated and feminine at the same time. A holiday winner!

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