The most important part of creating an ideal work-look is balance. Your wardrobe has to be functional and versatile plus suit your after-work hours. Here I gathered some simple tips for a few successful everyday work looks for the summer season.

Currently I need great workwear more than ever. I just opened a restaurant together with my boyfriend and his brother. The restaurant, located in the centre of Amsterdam, is entitled Bam Boa Amsterdam, and it reflects my passion for beauty and interior design. 

I used all my favourite colours for the furnishings and wall decorations thereby creating a unique and unmistakably beach style environment. 

I wanted to create a restaurant where you can enjoy good company in an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere of good food (we serve late breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) while listening to good music.

My workwear at the restaurant is similar to what I would wear on my days off. I prefer a more relaxed business casual look by wearing lighter fabric dresses in creams, soft pink and pale green. Summer dresses are generally flattering and help keep you cool on sticky days.

Keep attention to layers and try matching and contrasting items. E.g. a multi-coloured floral dress layered with a crisp white denim jacket. Personally, I love pairing feminine prints with plain classic hued garments.

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Have fun by accessorizing and remember to add a handbag aka your visit card for after-work hours. Comfortable heels are also very important in the creation of your summer work outfit. Invest in comfy mid-heeled pumps, kitten heels or platform sandals.

Please stop by my restaurant and let me see your take on cute workwear.

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