Meet Héloïse Pagé

It’s time to refresh your closet with the new REFRESH SS19 capsule collection designed by the up-and-coming French designer Héloïse Pagé.

Offering five feminine pieces in neutral colours, this collection can act as both building blocks as well as stand-alone pieces. Read on as the designer Héloïse Pagé sheds some light on her capsule and the collaboration with VILA.

Best part about being a fashion designer?
I like the creative process from start to finish. But the search for a theme or story and the first drawings are my favourites.

Your greatest strength and weakness?
My greatest strength is my creativity. I’m lucky to have a great imagination and have never experienced being blank about creating new designs. On the other hand, my greatest weakness is for sure my self-doubt. I'm always afraid that my ideas are not good enough, and that people dislike my work.

Your inspiration behind your capsule SS19 collection?
REFRESH, as the name suggests, is a pure, delicate and radiant collection made for the beach as well as for the city. The silhouettes are inspired by an independent woman who is both bohemian and urban - and who loves going to the sea to rejuvenate herself. The materials mimic the ripples of the water and the transparency gives the styles a sexy and trendy dimension.

How does VILA appeal to you?
VILA has a fresh and feminine approach to fashion. They mix femininity, sensuality and pretty cuts with great attention to detail which in my opinion makes all the difference. All this come into play in my capsule collection.

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What do you hope to gain from making a capsule collection for VILA?
First and foremost, experience. This collection is my first real professional working experience. I hope to be identified and hired in a company like VILA!

Your best advice for making it in fashion?
Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Get inspired by what's around you, whether it's cinema, music, an art exhibition or a person. Set a goal and don’t lose sight of it. Never lose hope and keep on dreaming!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I would like to have my own brand or work as a stylist for a brand that shares the same values as I do. Especially I would like to work with creating more sustainably in the fashion world.

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Héloïse Pagé caught VILA’s attention when participating in the VILA TALENT AWARDS 2018, presenting a strong collection of interesting silhouettes and fabric combinations. Amongst 350 participants, Héloïse was runner up for creating the winning collection.

To show commitment to the future of fashion talent, and to help push fashion forward, VILA decided to offer Héloïse a second chance by designing a limited capsule collection for VILA SS19. At VILA we can’t wait to see more from this newbie.

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