Tanned shoulders, holiday fever and travel dreams. It’s summertime!

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a city break to your most memorable European city, or hiding away in your parents’ old cottage - finding the perfect look to balance comfort and style is essential.

I’ve always loved linen. It reminds me of my mom, who used to wear floating maxi dresses in linen during summertime in the 90’s. It allows my skin to breathe on a hot summer day, and yet allows my outfits to be cool and casual in the right way.

Living in Copenhagen, I adore the irony and symbolism in linen used for summer wear. It’s like a city safari. To me, linen works the best in natural tones with big, tortoise buttons to underline the holiday feel. 

I would go for a feminine strap dress paired with flipflops and a cowboy hat for long days on the beach, or a visit to the local flea market in the weekends. Wear a more sophisticated dress to spice up your look for formal events with a pair of sling back shoes and maybe red lips.

Or simply put on a head to toe city safari outfit with a pair of trousers in a relaxed fit and an oversized jacket, for the perfect everyday-look matched with sneakers.

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In Copenhagen, I like to take long walks in the parks with my boyfriend and dog Olga with a cup of to-go coffee, and all of these pieces are just perfect for this.

I’m also planning on filling my luggage with safari looks for my upcoming family trip to Sardinia. Can you picture me wearing these items while eating an ice cream in front of a pastel coloured clay house? Because I can…!

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