Q&A Zenia Jæger

Zenia Jæger is one of the most diverse Danish makeup artists in the beauty and fashion industries. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY, working as a makeup artist for top models and Hollywood starlets.

Let’s just say Zenia knows a thing or two when it comes to making you look and feel your best. Read on to get beautified!

Who is Zenia Jæger?
Still learning.

Known for?
Founder of Office Magazine and working there as Editorial and Beauty Director, plus as make-up artist at The Wall Group.

How would you describe your style?
Colourful! I really dig funny stuff like cartoon-style and all things bright.

Do you have a signature accessory?
My bow.

Where do your interest in this industry stem from?
I was 13 years looking at magazines in the railway station kiosk in Svendborg, Funen, DK. I fell completely in love with the front cover of the magazine The Face featuring a photo of Madonna. I still have all the magazines from back then.

I have always loved to express myself creatively. At one point, I thought I was to become an artist, but by coincidence, I ended up in beauty and fashion.

Tell us about the VILA High Summer 18 campaign girl. What’s she like?
Playful and effortless! This girl likes a bit of spunk and she uses both vibrant colours and prints. 

See the High Summer 18 lookbook >

What is your best beauty tip?
Sleep, drink water, don’t use too many beauty products and cleansing products.

How to look pre-summer fresh?
Mix shimmer with your face cream. It’ll provide the perfect glow. You can also add shimmer to your body lotion.

Examples of your favourite things about living and working in NYC?
The sun is always shining, and the sky is always blue - even though it’s often pretty cold. All the beautiful different people living here and the pulse, especially when people hustle. In NYC you must hustle to succeed and achieve your goals and dreams.

There is also a very positive energy amongst people. Everyone praises one another - even strangers. There is room here to be and act differently from everyone else.

Tell us all that are trending, and worth taking note of in NYC right now?
The current street style fashion is non-sex and mixed styles e.g. hip hop meets club kid.
In addition, you no longer see the traditional split into boy and girl sections in toy departments of the large retail chains. In the US they embrace gender fluidity. Also, in advertising, I recently saw images of a big, strong, dark man wearing a pink wig. That’s cool.