I’ve stopped limiting myself to only 1 clothing style years ago, which allows me to explore and experiment a lot more with my outfits. By using different prints, shapes and colours than I’m used to, getting dressed every morning becomes a little fashion adventure.

So while I’m usually drawn to neutrals, I happily make an exception for THE colour of the season. That’s right, this Spring we’re going for bold, eye-catching red!

But how to wear a firing hue like this? I’ve created 3 easy looks with these amazing 'Vihiba pants'.

Let’s start off with what’s probably the most daring look: ton sur ton! Wearing red on red is one of the easiest ways to create an instant winning outfit without wasting much time in the morning.

The slouchy Vitria knit' adds to the effortless vibe of the trousers, and the slight difference in shade of red combined with the black and white touches keep this silhouette interesting.

Next up: as red is a power colour, it deserves a real power t-shirt to wear with! Both the pants and the 'Vifarah' tee bring a strong message, which is supported by the bad ass orange pointy heels. A simple but powerful look for powerful ladies!

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And lastly, I looked for unusual colours to combine these red bottoms with for this new season. Baby blue it is!

This 'Vichassa knit' and 'Vicris Suede Jacket' are the perfect Spring pieces, as they add a fresh finish to your outfit and keep you warm at the same time. Add sneakers and sunglasses that make you feel happy and you’re ready to rock your red trousers!

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