Occasion makeup & beauty tips from Mille Erikstrup

How to get beautified and ready for occasions and parties? Danish makeup artist Mille Erikstrup reveals the most useful beauty tips and tricks you've probably never heard of from - making your skin look radiant and your makeup like a pro.

Who is Mille in short?
She’s very short! Plus, a very dedicated skincare geek, who’s loves her job and is proud of her accomplishments.

What’s your smell?
It’s a fresh n’ clean, just out-of-the-shower smell (I use a shower oil from Rituals). I also use White Suede by Tom Ford, the best sent I’ve ever used.

What’s your absolute best beauty advise?
To keep your skin looking beautiful, you must always double cleanse before bedtime. That way you’ll get full advantage of the products you put on your skin after cleansing.

Any cheap beauty favourites on budget?
Use organic coconut oil on your body. It keeps the skin soft and shiny. You can also use your most heavy day cream, like Weleda Skin Food, as a highlighter for the face.

Surprising beauty shortcuts?
To achieve the finest-looking shiny legs, use lubricant. Yes, you heard right. It gives the most beautiful sexy shine without being glittery. I also like the organic scented wax candles from Raz Spa. They smell amazing and I use the wax as cuticles softener before putting on nail polish.

Any quick fixes for a tired face?
Keep your skin well-moisturized and put on a little organic bronzer. Konjac sponge massage in the morning also provides colour to your cheeks. But the best way to keep your skin looking fresh, glowing and healthy is weekly Gua Sha stone massages.

How to get party-ready?
Double cleanse, good face mask, double serum. Cover the dark circles and spots with concealer, use a little cream bronzer, curl the lashes, make a quick messy smokey eye made with a kohl and smudged out with a good brush, lots of creamy highlighter…and champagne.

Focus on lips or eyes?
If you have very small lips, like I, I would go for eye focus. I love a sharp black liner and some extra single lashes on the eyelid edges.

Hair down or hair up?
For party, always hair down.

Touch-ups products should one always carry?
A cream highlighter, a serum or cream, lip balm, lash curler, hand sanitizer…and liquorish.

Why didn’t anyone tell about this genius beauty tip until now?
Skincare, skincare, skincare and moist, moist, moist! If your skin is well-kept, you won’t need a lot of makeup.

Every morning I drink freshly squeezed lemon juice, followed by a shot of Oil of Life and a shot of Skin Lemonade by Amazing Space. It’s good for the skin, lashes, nails, hair, body and soul. Also, to minimise the lines around the mouth, I use an eye cream.

So, take care of your skin - you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.