Q & A with Maria Jernov

Spring has finally arrived after months of dedication to layering. With the new season comes a fresh batch of trends to get our heads around. Find out which go-to staples the Danish blogger and influencer Maria Jernov treasures and which fashion rules, she believes, are made for breaking. Here’s her story.

Describe Maria Jernov in 3 words?
Dreamer (because that’s what I do 90% of the time) 2. Ginger (because it’s such a big part of how I see myself) 3. Curious (I want to do and try so many things, but how I’m going to do it all in just one lifetime is another thing).

How to start your day?
I’m a HUGE snoozer. I set my alarm for 06.30 am, but I don’t get out of my bed before 07.30 am (at the earliest). I’m very slow and quiet in the morning, but after brushing my teeth and sitting down for a while, I’m ready to take on the day. I just need a minute.

How would you describe your style?
Under construction.

What is your wardrobe filled with?
Denim and a lot of things that don’t necessarily match, but they kinda do anyway.

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Which fashion rules are made for breaking?
All of them! Just be you. I don’t believe in rules – I think it’s more important to wear what you like and learn along the way. Although, I’m not a fan of mixing colours within leather. Don’t do the brown leather shoe and a black leather bag, that’s just unfortunate styling.

What’s the best thing about spring?
The light returning is probably what I look most forward to. I have a hard time during the months where it’s almost completely dark at 4 pm, I need daylight!

What’s your go-to piece of clothing for spring?
It might be a bit boring, but I absolutely love a white long-sleeved t-shirt. It’s comfortable yet sexy and effortless. I love to look as if my outfit isn’t totally planned out. Plus, I think I look my best in white, so it’s really a no brainer for me.

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