What's on the horizon for Spring 2018? This season changes and so does your wardrobe. Luckily, there are many trends that are going to stay from the previous seasons (and years!), despite moving into new directions.

I’m breaking down 4 wardrobe essentials that will shape the racks this season and keep you company all year around. Win-win!

Dots definitely add some fun to your look. I’m a big fan and have been wearing head-to-toe dots on many occasions and all year long. This top is great for an upgraded everyday look with high waisted pants and pointy boots. If you opt for a more casual look, add jeans and throw on a deep neck knit for a little dot peek-a-boo.

Another wardrobe essential is checks. For instance, on a blazer. I can’t live without mine. I use it several times a week styled in different ways – both for work, Friday drinks or Sunday grocery shopping. My favourite way to style checks is with an eye-catching colour or another great print to keep it edgy and cool.

Floral prints are for sure a favourite of mine. You can unbutton this flower shirt or combine it with a deep neck to keep it very ladylike. Both the leather skirt and high-waisted pants look great with it.

Just a couple of years ago, I would drop dead wearing high waisted pants, but now, I can’t live without. They make my legs look longer, my waist thinner and they give off an exclusive vibe. If you prefer a feminine look, add a shirt and heels in a cute colour - or for a more masculine look add a casual tee and an oversize leather jacket.

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