From Finland


I'm a 23-year-old photographer living in the center of Helsinki. I do photography for a living and my specialty is moody and creative portraits. I want my pictures to have a strong feeling and I like them to surprise the viewer by using unusual locations and arrangements. I get inspired by Finnish nature and tropical sunsets.


"These pictures are shot in some unconventional locations in Helsinki. Places that wouldn't pop up first in mind when thinking of great places to shoot fashion: A parking garage, an old storage, and a store front. I like the atmosphere and the roughness of these places. In my opinion, adding attitude, female beauty and fashion to these premises works very well. The warm skin tones are a fine contrast to the cold backgrounds and the softness of the clothes collide with the aesthetic of the location. Fashion photography is all about contrasts" says Svante


His pictures were already quite VILA-like, and they all have a feminine fresh feeling. The colours used are feminine and fresh.