From Belgium


I'm Maarten De Laet, a freelance photographer based in Belgium. I'm a very hard working, talented, ambitious person who would love to be part of this wonderful project.


"The location and colours are very important to me. I try to capture the feelings of the model: How does she feel in the clothes she’s wearing? Fierce, mystical, brave…? I try to include the location as much as possible, because it tells the viewer a story.

Technically I experiment with analogue medium format camera’s, but digital is also a very important work tool to me. Mixing both mediums gives me complete control of the atmosphere I try to project in my imagery" says Maarten


The Belgian jury felt Maarten’s portfolio reflected exactly what he wrote in his motivation: capturing and merging both his own thoughts and feelings and those of his models, all into one shot. There’s a certain melancholia in his work, and we believe this could make an interesting fashion shoot.