From Denmark


My name is Ida, and I'm a 27 year old photographer from Copenhagen. I just returned to Denmark after living one year in New York where I worked for the fashion photographer Lachlan Bailey. The best part of living in New York was the diversity on the streets which allowed me to take interesting photos of different people and places.

The reason why I find street photography particularly interesting is because I love finding beauty in unforeseen places. The streets are constantly being shaped by everyday life, so even when you instruct a model to perform in a particular way, the streets will always affect an overall authenticity within them.


"The street plays a key role in my style of photography. The core inspiration and creative force in my images is driven by my passion to discover interesting street moments. I feel most creative when I can blend my instinct for street photography with my understanding - and love for fashion photography. It’s this amalgamation, which brings life to my work.

In my collection, I have selected 5 images that depict different styles, environments, and women. I think the differing subject matter in each, is representative of my ability to capture many different types of people, fashions and environments, while maintaining a unified personal aesthetic that is my own" says Ida


Ida was by a jury who was completely in agreement that she was to compete with other national winners in the international finals. The jury remarked “Ida shows a professionalism and creativity in her work, that is bold and brave with a defined eye for creating images that have not been seen before”. Her sense of light and colours also impressed the jury, who praised her for her ability to mix the classic with the new.