From Ireland


My name is Eoin Greally and I am just recently 19. I am in my first year of studying Photography in Dublin. My biggest passion is definitely fashion and I have found a way to be creative in that passion through photography.

Being from rural Ireland where fashion is not the biggest concern, I always thought Fashion Photography could never be a viable option for me as a career but in recent years I have really dedicated myself to it and my dream is to one day be able to make it a career for myself. The images I chose to use have both a street style and fashion and editorial photography element to it as that is very much my style.


"My work is inspired hugely by my research of the fashion industry. As well as creating compelling fashion images, I also wanted there to be ‘Irish-ness’ in my work. The locations in the images range from the famous Phoenix Park and the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin to the seaside town of Bray in Wicklow" says Eoin


A strong young and upcoming photographic artist with a clear appeal, and a particular eye for his surroundings.