From The Netherlands


Bachelor of Design graduate, pathway Fashion Communication at the Utrecht School of Arts. After my graduation, I applied for the photography department of the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. After one year I decided to develop myself further as an autodidact. From that point, driven by imagination, curiosity and intuition, I try to portray realistic and with a clean cut. Youthful portraits and abstract landscapes inspired by my travels.


"My pictures focus on highlighting a feminine dress, a statement coat and a velvet suit worn on the street of Haarlem, Amsterdam. I try to draw attention to all the details and playful fabrics of the clothes. These are portraits of a girl having fun" says Elisabeth


Elisabeth van Aalderen intrigued the jury immediately with her pictures. She has set herself apart with her realistic and clean photos, distinguished by the freshness that they radiate. The jury looks forward to the next story the images will share.