From Spain


Tangram is a fashion brand created and produced in Spain. We are Roberto Caro and Maribel Fajardo, the firm ́s creative directors and graduated in Art and design. We make very extravagant designs with a clean and elegant style.


"With my collection ADN I have mixed the spirit of Tangram and VILA. My 5 festive designs are polished in detail and play with volume for an authentic, real and contemporary look. The shape is asymmetrical and flowing by using ruffles and pleats that fit and flatters the woman’s body"  says Roberto


The five designs were new but in line with VILAs style.The jury noted that that this candidate in particular understood that we were looking for a party capsule collection. The necklines and the sleeves stood out, and the designs felt current, fashionable, simple, sensual and ready to be worn.