From Germany


Last year I graduated from University of Applied Sciences "HTW Berlin" in fashion design as valedictorian and have been working as a freelancer since then. I'm focusing on everything related to fashion, arts and design. From illustrations over journalism to actual fashion design and production - I just love to create!


"It’s 1987. Manhattan’s streets are grey and dirty, but 1 disco ball on Broadway is outshining it all. At the most infamous party club, Studio 54, the music industry and it girls like Grace Jones and Cher gathers. At this place a special zest for life is thriving, expressed by women’s sophisticated and playful wardrobes. This exact period of time is put into my 5-piece capsule collection. The collection is sexy yet still classy. Extroverted and yet commercial. And nostalgic with a modern twist.

Classic retro-elements are transferred into a modern context and extremely feminine silhouettes encourage women to feel beautiful and confident - just like Farrah, Jeri and Co. taught us to be back then" says Pia about her designs


Pia Schulz made a really well elaborated concept. Furthermore, she showed that she has a sense of form and colours. She is picking up the VILA brand DNA, plays with the Talent Award logo, but is also making the brand perform internationally with her Manhattan concept.