From Belgium


Since 2008 i have been a shoe designer but then it also seemed fun to design clothes!  

I did have some publications in ex. scorpio jin and intistiute magazine. Furthermore I have been a tailor for the Bonnefantenmuseum and a costume sewer at cirque du soleil.


"The inspiration for my collection is all the current trends, as I see them: Transparency, wild flowers, polychrome plaids, and not your average pastels. It’s too bad that I can’t apply all these into the 5 pieces, I have made. I have used the VILA inspiration colours, added classic black, dark blue, light blue and a nice pastel yellow. Next to that, I have designed a unique print, featuring different versions of the VILA Talent Awards logo" says Kim Wille


Kim’s interesting choice of fabrics and keen eye for detail made her stand out. The Belgian jury felt her designs were an original take on partywear, and the prints and patterns Kim uses are both fresh and stylish.