From France


I work as a designer, illustrator and furthermore I do professional model jobs. I love minimalism and nature. I used to study Fashion Design at MJM Graphic Design School in Nantes


"My collection FULL MOON is romantic, fresh and dreamy, but also trendy. As inspiration, I have used the full moon as an ode to nature, stars and beauty in general. The dresses are sculptural, the necklines bewitching, shoulders unveiling, and discrete buttoning. I have used fluid and light fabrics inspired by the moonstone with a thousand reflections and some moonlight shine. The colours black, pearl, and turquoise are used, plus ruffles and a play on transparency which give the collection a sensuality to it. A perfect selection of outfits for all the 2018’s parties" says Héloise Pagé


The jury was amazed by Héloise’s strong concept for this capsule collection and the level of detail she put into her work. Very interesting silhouettes and fabric combinations – some of the designs are actually catwalk-ready.