From Denmark


I create 'ready to wear' outfits that express a story narrative ambiguity between the dramatically staged, the innovative provocative, at times repulsive, the indescribable, and ultimately, the childish, the beautiful and romantic, with a focus on the timeless aesthetics.


"Ready to party? These styles make you want to forget the dark months and just have fun. My mini-collection BLOSSOM OUT features a contemporary and timeless silhouette, while still being feminine with an edge.

I’m celebrating ‘the woman’ with statements and girly details. Women who are not afraid to attract attention in a sexy business suit dress, feel the girl power in a unique FEMME print or be sophisticated in transparent fashion pieces. It’s time to Blossom Out girls" says Camilla Demant Dreyer


Camilla was chosen by a united jury for her “feminine collection with clever contrasts”, and for her ability to create a “covetable capsule collection, that looks and feels timeless”. The bold design includes a short blazer, and a pair of especially cool pants that will bring a certain sexiness to the upcoming party season. Finally, one judge remarked “it takes something quite special to be able to turn such a small number of styles into a collection that feels this new, pulled together and has such a clear red thread”.