This spring for the first time ever, VILA went on an international search for extraordinary talent. The search was conducted throughout Europe, with more than 350 participants in the two categories: design & photography. 

The aim was to find one designer who could design a five-piece capsule party collection, and a photographer who would shoot the image campaign. 

The styles and the images will be in every VILA store across Europe November 2018



The  Designer



An international jury has awarded German designer Pia Schulz the first ever VILA TALENT AWARD for her spectacular designs.

See Pia's reaction when we told her the good news

The  Photographer


The VILA TALENT AWARDS international jury has awarded Elisabeth van Aalderen the award for photography talent of the year! 

See Elisabeths reaction when we told her the good news




The members of the International Jury were: 

Julia Lahme – Director Lahme Aps

Mathias Heinrichs – PR Manager, BESTSELLER Belgium

Paulien Riemis – Influencer/VILA ambassador, Belgium

Monika Dagree – Manager, ON TIME PR, Germany

Sophie Sutrich – On TIME PR, Germany

Christian Graggaber – Founder of, Germany

Cara Schiffelers – Fashion Director Marie Claire, The Netherlands

Annemieke Bakker – Marketing & PR Manager BESTSELLER, The Netherlands

Marie Bjerre Lautrup – Sales Responsible, VILA

Alejandra Nadales – Marketing, VILA Spain

Jorge Mier-Terán – Photographer, Spain

Annukka Korpinen – Marketing Responsible, VILA Finland

Karoliina Jääskeläinen – Photographer, Finland

Maria SolbergMarketing Manager, VILA Denmark

Annette Hyttel – Digital content and PR Responsible, VILA Denmark

Marie Aasbjerg Andersen – Designer, VILA Denmark

Pernille Kramer – Product Responsible, VILA Denmark


Motivation of the Jury for awarding Pia Schulz the VILA TALENT AWARD

 Member of the Jury, Christian Gragabber, founder of, and a seasoned expert in spotting design talents said: ”I look for the right combination between commercial and intellectual approach. I want to see if a designer brings his/ her own ideas to life while still understanding the need to be commercially meaningful.

Pia is an upcoming designer from Berlin who understands how to create something recognizable. She has perfectly implemented the task given and designed a collection that hits the taste of 2019.”

Pernille Kramer, member of the jury and Product Responsible at VILA, commented “Pia has designed a collection of only five pieces that still manages to be extremely coherent. I have a strong sense that this collection will be embraced by many and will make it possible for us at VILA to work closely with even more new talent, and can’t wait to see it completed in our stores.”


 Motivation of the Jury for awarding Elisabeth van Aaalderen VILA TALENT AWARD

Member of the international jury, Cara Schiffelers, Fashion Director at Dutch Marie Claire, found that “Like no other, Elisabeth embodies the pretty picture focus on the female look which is representative for VILA. Modern with a distinctive twist!”

Maria Nordstrøm Solberg, head of VILA marketing, found that: “I am thrilled and looking very much forward to working with Elisabeth, and I am looking forward to the challenge of mutual influence, seeing what Elisabeth will bring to the shoot in interpreting VILA.”


The 5-piece collection and the images will be in every VILA store across Europe in November 2018.