VILA Crew - meet Sara

Go behind the scenes of VILA! With our series, VILA Crew, you’ll get an inside view into our production of high street fashion. Every season we strive to create unique VILA styles using new designs, fabrics, detailing and inspiration. How do we develop the concepts behind our collections?

Read on for an exclusive Q&A with VILA designer Sara Domino. Sara will give you a privileged low-down on the Winter Collection 2017, along with snippets about her favourite styles.

What inspired you to create the Winter Collection 2017?
The Autumn/Winter17 is inspired by modern-mystic and urban-gypsy street style from New York and Paris. We use decadent fabrics like velvet and sateen, and dark colours such as ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue. The mystique of fall and winter itself, is also used as inspiration.

What are the new designs you played with for this collection?
Last year flounces and ruffles had a great impact on our designs because of the 70’ies retro trend. For our WI17 collection these details are resurrected, but with a more dark and romantic edge. A new variation of pleats and layering also adds a bold twist to the collection.

What was your favourite part of developing the WI17 collection?
Choosing the perfect colours for the season is my favourite part of developing a collection. The colours define the story of the designs and have an essential effect on the overall mood of the collection. Second on my list is selecting the fabrics and shapes.

Which three words would you use to describe VILA?
Feminine, sensual and simple. Or feminine with a twist of cool.

Best thing you’ve learnt along the way?
Keep fighting for your beliefs, be brave and stay humble (yes, all three can be combined).

How do you ensure keeping ahead of the fashion game?
As a fashion designer you need to know all the new trends and fashion moves coming from trendsetting designers, street style and fashion bloggers around the world and how to analyse such tendencies.

I also take inspiration from contemporary art, dancing, music, movies and visiting museums. And of course, I always need to follow my intuition and gut feeling.

Your favourite pieces from the WI17 collection?
The velvet mosaic pattern dress backs up our modern-mystic and urban-gypsy theme very well. The pleated dress taps into the popular plissé trend plus it is medium-length, which is high trend this season. The pleated dress can be used as everyday wear, ex with studded jeans or heeled boots for a party.

I also love the wrap knit in rooibos red and the chunky jacquard knit, which I made, inspired by a retro flower pattern wallpaper. I would pair the knits with studded jeans. To top off these looks, I would pick this season’s must-have: A cool fake fur.

Insider fashion tips on what to wear for next winter aka 2018?
Don’t be afraid to shine and show off your femininity. In short this means: Go for a velvet or sateen suiting. This should be your new “go to suit”. You can use it together with sneaks or knee-long boots for daytime and step it up with high-heeled boots for a night out. 

Add big glam earrings and highlight your waist with wide belts, preferably on top of your blazer. Lastly, keep it simple. You can easily remove 1 or 2 items or accessories before leaving home.