VILA Crew - meet Maja

Maja Faldorf Nielsen, does in-between-season dressing just right. Her signature mix of classic everyday staples and edgy it-items has us relentlessly scrolling through her Instagram feed. As sales representative at VILA, Maja sells clothes to the wholesale shops in Denmark. Read on and get to know the stylish travel and fashion lover, Maja.

What is the first thing we should know about you?
I’m a very sensitive person, I love food, and I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Work-wise you do?
As sales representative for VILA Denmark, I’m responsible for the sale of VILA's products. This means, I sell the collections, express and NOOS (red. never out of stock products) to the stores. In addition, I’m constantly working to strengthen VILA's position on the market, building solid relationships with our customers and creating new sales.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
Believe it or not, I thought, I would become a riding teacher and having my own riding school. I also had a period where I dreamt about working at McDonald's. A girl with ambitions, haha.

What is your signature style?
A blazer. I have lots in all kind of shapes and colours. With a blazer, I can always look chic and well-dressed even when just wearing jeans and a basic tee. It just works.

Fashion to you is?
Personality. First and foremost. Via clothes you can express yourself in different ways and be exactly who you want to be. I love to mix feminine with something edgy. For example, a lace top with a cool leather jacket.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I can’t choose between French fries or light chocolate… Okay, fair enough, I’ll go for the chocolate.

The last song, you listened to?
Hold on with Mac Beez. I heard it on a random playlist in the gym this morning. But, if I would make a playlist, I always make sure that Justin Bieber performs a few songs for me. Yes, J.B! The one and only.

The ultimate hanging-out place?
My favorite restaurant FF in Aarhus where I live. They serve the ultimate tatar de boeuf, and not forgetting their crazy cocktails. Really, this restaurant, is the place to be, if you're in Aarhus (in my opinion, the nicest city in all of Denmark).

What do you dream of?
Maybe, living in the South of France? This summer, I’ll be going back there for 4th time in a row. I can’t wait. Watch out for a blond girl with a glass of rose, wearing a hot all-over flower print suit – and eating croissants for breakfast.