Pre-Spring MOMENTS with Julia Riethof

Future Folk - bon voyage! Breeze through the season with the latest looks from VILA’s Pre-Spring 18 collection. Cool, calm and effortlessly on trend, this collection has all your new spring must-haves in stock.

VILA went off to sunny Cannes for the photo shoot. Here we caught up with the German model Julia Riethof who shares a few insights to being a model.

Who is Julia Riethof in 3 words?
Humoristic, book worm, happy-smart.

When you were little you wanted to be?
A hair dresser.

How would you describe your style?

Guilty pleasure?

What do you read?
Fifty Shades and the page-turner The Last Summer (Of You and Me) by Ann Brashares.

Offline / online?
Offline at home. Online when traveling.

How do you do reload / reboot when travelling?
By reading for sure.

The last song you listened to was?
Bird Set Free by SIA.

What’s your last emoji?
Fingers crossed.

Must-have styles from the VILA shoot?
Uh, there are quite many. Especially the separates, like the knit top with the sleeve detail, and the maxi flower dress.