My wardrobe is definitely “spring ready” even though the weather is not. Here in Oslo, it's freezingly cold outside and more snowy than usual. I’m really longing for spring and some sun! Especially now when all the beautiful spring collections are hitting the stores.

Currently, I warm up by using lots of layers and dressing up colourfully. I’m really into matching tone-on-tone looks. Meaning, lately I have been buying a lot of colourful tights that matches my outfits. I believe this kind of look is much nicer than wearing ordinary black tights. To complement a tone-in-tone look, I use accessories that pop a little.

For instance, a bag or boots in bright red. I’m a big fan of red, especially the colour combination of red and army green is stunning.

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Another great idea to wear a spring dress in cold weather is to pair it with jeans. Especially if you can find a dress with front button fastening, which allows you to wear it like a kimono. 

It’s just about being creative with your styling. That way you can wear all the cute spring styles here and now. So, go for bright colours, tone-in-tone looks and quirky layers. That’s my golden rule(s). What’s yours?

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