AUTUMN MOMENTS and Q&A with Anastasia Hess

Autumn is just around the corner (on & off naturally), and in connection with this, VILA MOMENTS has caught up with the talented make-up artist Anastasia Hess for a chat about the season's biggest make-up trends and much more.

Anastasia is one of Denmark’s absolute best make-up artists, and among other things, she is responsible for hair and make-up for VILA’s Autumn Express Collection 17 "The Code Breaker". Meet Anastasia for a quick one on one.

In just three words – how would your friends best characterise you?
Lively, talkative, kind-hearted. And absolutely fantastic. Just ask my best friend, Josephine Mai (haha, just kidding!).

How would you describe your style?
Relaxed, with a hint of rock, e.g. a leather jacket, Vans or Converse.

A typical day as a hair and make-up artist?
Up early, carrying a suitcase – public transport, impulsive, cool, good atmosphere and new people – every day. Willing to work in my spare time. Love my job!

 The best “secret” beauty tip?
A little insider tip that I swear by is to skip the foundation entirely and go directly to the concealer. For example, in my private make-up purse, there is no foundation – I just use concealer under the eyes and with a pointy eyeliner for any blemishes. This way, the skin stays healthier since it can breathe. Bronzers can also add some life to your cheeks, if you need it.

Do you have a routine for getting ready for autumn/winter on the beauty front?
I get ready for winter by replacing all the skin care and lip balm products that contain water. It is important not to use products containing too much water when the temperature drops, as they can have the opposite effect when it is very cold.

What is “in” during the autumn?
The skin should generally be a bit more polished in the autumn, but still have a natural finish. And then a powerful lip colour with a beautiful, soft look along the edge can be a powerful statement. The colour can be red, burgundy or cranberry.

Less is more or more is more?
I want to say more is more. But I think probably less is more.

What are your plans for the autumn?
As usual, I have fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris SS18 in September and October. It is my favourite season because the weather is still lovely! So the atmosphere is always a bit better and you are more social in the evenings.

Do you have any resolutions for the autumn?
I am sort of flirting with the idea of starting sea kayaking; it could be so cool to get started, possibly during the autumn! Otherwise, I am on a mission to save up for my backpacking trip to Vietnam in 2018.

What are you inspired and motivated by?
I am motivated by my ambitions to reach the top – people I work with in London are top of the pop – the people on the street in London are super inspiring. On the plane, I get very inspired and often I get lots of ideas there.

Do you have a favourite saying?
Try everything once.