There are little things as exciting as a (first) date. All the texting, arranging the actual date and… Outfit stress? I think we’ve all been there, done that: You’ve got a date, but no clue what you should wear. Even though my boyfriend and I have been together for a long time now (11 years to be exact), I still remember how I used to spend hours in front of my closet not knowing what to wear on the first few dates we had.

It took me a couple of dates, but now I know that the key is to always wear something that makes you, above all, feel like yourself. To me personally that means I do like to dress up, but not too much. I have developed a great appreciation for simplicity in outfits and therefore I try to not overdo things. I usually pick one item that stands out and then build the rest of my outfit from there. This time, I went with this pretty off-shoulder dress that has these gorgeous lace details. To add a bit of an edge I threw over an oversized denim jacket, slipped into a pair of leather flats, grabbed my favourite summer bag et voilà: ready for date night!

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