Brush up on our colour coordination, the autumn / winter 2017 fashion season is upon us. From dark colours that are best worn head-to-toe to pops of colours that will bring your wardrobe into the here and now. I have made a quick guide to my key autumn-colours and how to style use them.

The guide might help you to find your new favourite shades, so you can go frolic around - autumn style.

BROWN is my all-time favourite autumn-colour. Chestnut in particular - aka see my current hair colour. The soft brown VILA bomber jacket I’m wearing is ideal for fall, especially with its detachable fake-fur collar. I would wear it with a turtleneck-pullover, a skirt or black jeans and a cute beret.

BLACK is also a must-have. Black is elegant, mysterious and chic. When worn with a bold, red lip and minimal golden jewellery, it really makes you stand out from the crowd. In summer, I hardly ever wearing black, but once autumn and winter return, I’m back to black. Like this VILA suede and leather-look skirt. I’m also a huge fan of black knits, black leather-look leggings and black dresses with lovely lace details.

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PLUM is another favourite of mine. The colour is really flattering, no matter if your hair is black, brown, red or blonde. You can give your outfit a lovely plum-coloured detail on a hat or scarf, or you can go bold with a plum-coloured, cosy knit and eye-shadow (and if you dare, try orange too).

MUSTARD is naturally associated with fall. It looks young and fresh with blue boyfriend jeans in combination with brown, suede accessories like a cross-body bag and 70s inspired boots.

BORDEAUX, named after the famous red wine, is perfect for fall as well. Especially with a simple black and white outfit, a belt and a lipstick in the same shade, makes for a dramatic autumn appearance. Try it out.

What are your favourite shades for autumn?

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