HS17 MOMENTS and Q&A with model Amalie Lund Nilsson

The photoshoot of VILA’s High Summer 2017 collection took place in Mallorca featuring model Amalie Lund Nilsson. With the assistance of the talented photographer Jakob Kirk, amazing stylist Marina Rugaard and queen of hair and makeup Josephine Mai Johannesen, we were able to shoot one of our best campaigns to date.

The shoot encapsulated the romantic feel of the island, not only because of the captivating scenery but also with each unique styled outfit. The HS17 collection tells a graceful and breezy story with focus on maritime details and soothing beachy references.

Check out behind the scenes snaps from the photoshoot and learn more about Danish beauty Amalie Lund Nilsson.


Amalie, what do you always pack for your summer holiday? Key item(s)?
Almond Oil from Loracctain that moisturizes both my face and hair.

You travel a lot, where’s next on your bucket list?
I would love to see the northern lights in Northern Norway - because it's so beautiful!

Best memory from a summer holiday?
I was five months in Thailand with Emil, my fiancé. We're getting married this summer.

What do you like most about your job?
VILA :-) Because we are like a "family" and a really good team!

Describe your personal style?
I am in tune with the ‘less is more’ rule. I especially like a relaxed and loose boyfriend-look which I upgrade with quality goods such as classic bags and shoes.

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Hmm, I would say energetic, honest and open.

SoMe pictures - filter or no filter?
A: I don’t use filters, but I tend to turn up the brightness and contrast just a bit.

Which 3 VILA styles are your favourites from the SS17 collection?
The Vieight denim jacket. The Vinida new strap top. And a pair of Viethnoline shorts with a cool Inca-like pattern.