Fashion is great, indeed, and Norwegian fashionista Nina Sandbech is sharing her love for it on her blog and SoMe.

VILA MOMENTS talked to her about her blog inspiration and the biggest influence on her style. So, get ready to get inspired by the feminine and colourful Nina Sandbech.

What inspired you to start blogging?
I have always loved taking photos and posting pictures and outfits on Instagram. But actually, it was my friends who encouraged me, and after a while I thought, why not?

How would you describe your style?
It’s kind of hard, because my style changes, depending on the day. But I’m really into colours, and statement pieces that pop. Like a cool jacket or shoes.

Is there anything you would never wear?
Never say never! But I’m not into loud and tacky fashion. Too much boobs showing, too short dresses, too much everything, if you know what I mean? That’s not my thing.

What do you have a huge love for?
I loooove shoes! And jackets! I simply can’t get enough.

What are some of your favourite VILA pieces for winter?
The 'Vimicka' wrap skirt. It’s so easy to style. You can use it with a big knit and some colourful tights. And the cosy, warm 'Vicama' coat, since Norway is really cold during the winter.

Right now, you’re excited about?
Christmas & New Year's Eve!

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