Attending fashion week means a jam-packed schedule, unpredictable weather and zigzagging from one show to another. Getting dressed is therefore all about finding outfits that work.

Scroll down to get Jacky’s personal tips on getting through any busy fashion week in style.

Describe your typical day during fashion week?
Usually very busy. I get up around 7.30 am to have breakfast before getting ready for the all the shows and events of the day. Then it's all about running from one location to another, taking pictures and talking to blogger friends as well as all the fashion brands. I’m usually back home between 8-9 pm.

To be honest, I’m always too tired to attend the usual Fashion Week parties. Instead, I prefer going to bed early to make sure, I’m fit for the next day. 

Do you have a uniform of some sort?
To me it’s most important to feel comfortable in what I wear. I usually keep it quite simple, wear a lot of basics and only add 1-2 eye-catching pieces to make the look appear more interesting.

What are your criteria’s?
My fashion week outfits must be chic yet comfortable for sure. Especially during winter, I also want to stay warm. If it works with the rest of the outfit, I layer my clothes and wear non-visible layers underneath.

How many colours to use?
I always keep it simple and usually do not wear more than 3 colours at the same time. Most often, I wear only 2 different colours. For Fashion Week this time, I’m going for a monochrome outfit in different tones of grey.

Monochrome or prints?

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